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Playing Casino Craps for the First Time

Although it was an intimidating environment, I decided to use the percentages that I defined and discussed in the article on Craps Percentages. If I found a craps game where I could bet a minimum bet of $5 and there were 5 or so players at the table, I could expect about 40 decisions aboutRead More

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Poker- Game of Intellectuals in the Gambling Field

If you’re tired of sitting at home without anything worthwhile to do, that’s your problem to be honest as the lockdown period has proven to be a golden opportunity for people that were sick of slogging it out in office day and night without respite but the Covid-19 has provided the necessary respite from work.Read More

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How Playing Chess Helps Your Brain

If a game demands strategy, attacks to the unexpected, playing out the opponent’s mind, defending to player’s moves and lots more, that is not seen in any other game, then it has to be the king of all, “Chess” or an equally challenging and fun game that is poker( you can try that on AgenRead More

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Why the Conker: Live &; Reloaded Reboot Failed to Bring the Bawdy Squirel Home on the XBox

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Experiencing something for the first time creates memories that stay with you forever. Regardless of how many pay checks earned or times I’ve seen Star Wars, I will always remember best my first paycheck. The first time I saw Star Wars. Usually, when we tryRead More

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Space Invaders Extreme 2 – Nintendo DS Game Review

Some of the best memories from my early childhood come from some of the great arcade juggernauts I used to play for hours on end. I used to be hooked on to DominoQQ, which was where I used to spend most of my time. Space Invaders, was one of the old classics, that set theRead More


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Hall Of Fame for tag poker players

The Tagpoker 100 Club is our way of recognising the achievements of the members that have managed to progress from the micro stakes to the $100+ games.

Every player that starts off playing the 1,2 or $5 games longs to build a bankroll and grind it out at the higher stakes.

Here we’ll be highlighting the Tagpoker members that have not only climbed the stakes but who have also taken the time out of their schedules to share some of what they’ve learnt with the rest of us which has really helped others players to replicate their successes.

Tagpoker is one of the best games to have played that would give the players an idea of what the stakes hold in the long run coming as the levels progress on without any respite but it does give an added advantage to play a game like Bandarqq without having to go into the depths of the venture.

Borg initially started out playing the $2 games as one of Brokerstars students in late 2009. He very rapidly climbed the stakes and can now be found playing anywhere from $80 to $200 HUSNG’s.

This young hotshot also stakes a few players to play higher stakes that he deems talent in the rough and is fast becoming quite the poker entrepreneur.

His aspirations to get right to the very top of the poker food chain are a real inspiration and we have no doubt that he’ll achieve his goals.

Borg has kindly made videos of his live play which will give you an insight to his thought process at the table and he’s always happy to answer any questions that anyone has with regards to his play.

Kierkegaard1 is the young man that simply exploded onto the scene here at Tagpoker and really turned heads with his epic performance.

This young talent found Tagpoker in January 2010. He very rapidly set the place on fire by turning a very small deposit in to tens of thousands on dollars.

What was more impressive than his instantaneous success in the games was the sheer volume that he was able to play. Due to the epic amount of games that he was playing Kierkegaard1 moved up from the $2 games to the $50’s in literally a matter of weeks, whilst following a fairly tight bankroll strategy.

This soon to be nose bleed, hot shot has an almost cult like following on the site and many of the newer players look up to him in hopes of trying to emulate his performance.

Aggysb Joined Tagpoker and became one of Brokerstars students in April 2010. He stared off with a $12 bankroll and played the $2 games, under rolled.

Aggysb is fiercely competitive and really strives to be the best at anything he sets his mind to and really takes losing personally. It’s a combination of his refusal to lose and his want to play poker for a living which saw him go from the micro stakes to the $50 games within three months of playing and then got staked to play higher.

Ever since he started under Brokerstars wing, he’s been very active in the Tagpoker forums always sharing his views on the best way to play situations with everyone. He’s accomplished so much in three short months and we’re sure this is only the tip of the iceberg.Red Dog was originally a student of the very famous, HUSNG specialist Cogdissonance. He found Tagpoker in January 2010 and has been a very active member ever since.

He’s shared his ups and downs with all of us and is constantly helping out other members that have difficulties in certain match situations. Red dog can often be found playing $100 – $200 HU games with aspersions of moving up even further.

Want to be coached 1-1 by Brokerstar?

Red dog also has his own coaching thread in the Tagpoker forums and has gone even further to help a lot of members in one to one personal training. The feedback on his ability to teach has all been very positive showing that Red dog is much more than just a player.

Poker Strategy | Online Poker Account

There is no one set poker strategy for all players.

Poker strategy is determined by a number of things including:

Your bankroll, your motivation and most importantly your personality.

Lets look at six areas that you need to follow to take you from novice player to winning the big pots consistently.

The one thing to keep in mind is that poker is a game of psychology.

It is not just your play that is important, you need to get inside your opponents minds and get an edge over them.

Right lets get started and look at a winning poker strategy.

Forget the idea the its easy to win at poker if it was then everyone would win, but they don’t.

The number of really successful poker players is relatively small and they have all worked hard and you need to approach the game with the right attitude.

If you want to be a successful player then you must really have the desire to succeed.

If you don’t have the desire to succeed from the outset, then you are probably not going to put in the required time and work necessary for success. For success, the selection of the right strategy should be made to enjoy the poker games and leagues. The players will turn into experts at Dominoqq site to get the desired results. The allotment of the time and effort should be great to get the winning amount in real cash. 

Don’t play poker until you know the basics, this sounds obvious but many players simply dive in and lose.

You need to learn basic poker strategy first.

Bluffing, pot odds, slow playing, rules and variations of the game and the game you wish to focus on.

Keep in mind you can’t learn everything from books, you need experience.

You need to get plenty of practice and this doesn’t mean free games.

There useful for a while as you learn the basics, but you need to know what its like to win and lose hard cash.

Poker is a game of skill but also a game of courage and you need to feel the experience. Move up tables and pot sizes as you gain experience and perfect your poker strategy.

How much money do you have to play poker with?

You need to decide in advance and as general rule, set a bankroll aside that will give you staying power of at least 300 bets.

Don’t try playing in high stakes games unless you have the confidence, experience and bankroll.

Expand Your Knowledge of the Game

There is always something new to learn when playing and perfecting your poker strategy.

Try to keep learning all the time, and have an open mind to new poker ideas and strategies.

A great way to expand your knowledge is to read poker strategy that other players have used and been successful and see if they suit your style of play.

Poker is a game of psychology and you need to beat other players. We all know, the best hand does not always win at poker.

Keep an eye on how your opponent is playing and try and adapt your poker strategy to gain an edge. You must pay attention to their style and adapt your play to it.

Look at your own play after each game and try and work out what you did right and what you did wrong.

Always think about what went wrong, what went right and how you can improve your overall game to improve your poker strategy.

Poker is a game that looks deceptively simple but it is much more complex than many novice players believe.

If you think you are going to be winning big consistent pots in just a few weeks forget it. You won’t.

Becoming a successful poker player and developing a sccesful poker srategy takes years of practice.

The good news is that you can become a good poker player with the right attitude, the right poker strategy, courage and plenty of practice.

Poker Training Course – A great assistance to earn big

Bellow are my two heads up poker training course that have come about from years of playing, coaching and being coached myself by several coaches.

The goal of this site has always been to provide new players with a stepping stone to getting themselves and their games on the right track to being winning poker players.

However, for many players, the hardest part about learning, is being able to break down all of the information at hand and structure it in a way that makes sense to progressively improving their play.

Heads Up Super Turbos – Beginners To Winners Course

My complete strategy that I’m using while playing these games, in this challenge is now available in my heads up super turbo, beginners to winners course. The information about the training course should be provided to the players at Judi Online site. The concentration of the players should be on improving the bank balance with the implementation of the right strategy. The courses should be excellent to offer the information to the players. 

I have a special offer running for the first 25 people that buy the course, if you also join up on Carbon poker through the link below then I’ll do free game review coaching for every 1000 games you play on there.

he beauty of heads up super or hyper turbos is that each game only lasts a few minutes and volume is really easy to achieve. This is a great chance to not only get my game plan all mapped out for you, but to get free 1-1 coaching, over skype, with me.

If you just want to buy the course, then that’s fine, you can simply use the ‘pay now’ button below.

If you’re really keen to be one of the lucky ones who qualifies for the free coaching on top of that, then make sure — after purchasing the course — that you sign up to Carbon poker, using the link in the box bellow and then send an e-mail to me at my e-mail address to confirm all of your details. Your first 1-1 session will be booked in after you have completed your first 1000 heads up matches, on your new account.

If you would like to find out more about what the course actually consists of, then check out my full review here

Although having access to a huge amount of free poker training videos and a poker forum has helped a lot of you guys improve your game, there was still something missing for most of you to become consistent winners in heads up sit and goes.

This is when I set out to create a complete course relating to my own strategy. My aim was to create a complete guide to my style of play to take you from a beginner to a winner.

I inlisted the help of many top players to share their insights and help me create a solid product that laid all of the foundations for you to play well and build a nice bankroll, when ever and where ever you wanted.

After this site and charity bankroll challenges, my beginner to winner course is my proudest creation. I love seeing the feedback from the guys that have done the course as well as seeing the graphs they post in the forums. I’m always excited about helping others follow the same road, I really have put a huge amount of thought and effort into this labour of love

Casino Gambling- Guide for Beginners

When it comes to games, you have different varieties of them out there where for childhood there are video games with immortal characters like super Mario, Contra, Dave the Hunter, Swat Kats, etc.

However, once you attain adolescence, your thirst for games grows bigger and if you are told that you can earn some quick bucks, then that is the final straw as people jump at such an offer of a lifetime.

Let it be clear that this isn’t an ordinary game but it is both famous and infamous for making you lose just as quickly as making you win and it is called gambling where you both win and lose at regular intervals.

Playing Streak

Gambling experts always frequent casinos from time to time to get some respite from a good day’s office work where all the energy is drained out that only a nice glass of whisky can cool alongwith a game of cards, which is why night casinos are so popular everywhere around the globe.

Right from poker online and DominoQQ online, you name it and they have it however only this time there’s an interesting twist to the story as they are more popular when online as it has been given.

This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to understand the gist of the game so that they can be ready to go to the casinos once they start opening up after the lockdown is over.

If you are completely new to gambling, then you need to understand that it has many things going for it where to win most of the time you need to have the grace of lady luck aside from a sharp and alert mind with exceptional skills with numerous games.

When practicing online, make sure that you don’t go for big bets in the beginning otherwise it would prove disastrous in the later stages so only bet smaller amounts that don’t matter much.

Get the knowledge about different casino bonuses online:

Casino bonuses have got a greater significance in web-based casinos. In fact, it is the bonuses that attract the gamblers the most. Free casino cashes can be enjoyed more. Amongst all bonuses, welcome bonuses are the most interesting ones as just by opening the account at the casino you can avail them without making any kind of deposit. These bonuses are also sometimes terms as no-deposit bonuses. 

Importance of web-based casino bonuses

If proper casino strategies are implemented then casino bonuses can be easily won. Free-spins are really very much encouraging especially for beginners. The wagering requirements need to be fulfilled well for winning these bonuses. In some cases, wagering needs are so high that it becomes quite difficult in winning desirable amount of bonuses. Reload bonuses are also very much impressive and after making the deposits initially you can earn these bonuses easily. 

These Judi online bonuses might in between 50-100 percent. They are encouraging and thus you can get the encouragement of saying in the game for long. If you show your loyalty towards any specific casino brand then you will definitely become eligible for winning loyalty bonuses. If you stick to the same brand for long then you might even receive a VIP status. Preferred-payment bonuses are for online-based wallets. If you choose the right kind of online-wallet then you can get a higher amount of preferred-payment bonus for sure. 

Referral bonuses can be earned for free just by referring any of your friends. If you can bring more and more friends to your casino then you can have these bonuses. For having these bonuses you do not require making any additional deposits at all. High-roller bonuses are usually being reserved for those players who make big deposits. Big deposits can definitely bring you bigger profits if you play the games tactfully.

Casinos- Virtual and Real Platforms

When the time comes to take a decision about choosing one over the other, the moral dilemma becomes too much to handle as it is virtually impossible to make up your mind at such a crucial juncture which is why most people are wary of going for it.

Not only in decisions that might have a significant impact on life, even deciding on something as simple as choosing the color for a new carpet seems like a herculean task when you go for it.

Similarly, when it comes to entertainment forms like gambling, it becomes all the more difficult because everyone is spoilt for choice and are unable to make up their mind as they find each more preferable than the other so what they do is leave it for the experts to decide while they engage in a nice bout with friends purely for the sake of entertainment.

Online Vs Land

Gambling has a long history to its name that dates back to ancient times that later took the form of casinos where the best gamblers would come up and engage in friendly bouts that would take a serious turn once the stakes went higher and higher with each new round.

Then came the internet where the casinos became virtual entities through online websites where you could play Poker, Slot machine, Dominoqq, Blackjack, etc. and many others that made it all the more easy to work out newer techniques while playing.

Both online and land casinos have equal significance for gamblers where they are more careful with their money while doing the former and a bit careless in the latter as they don’t value money issues.

Land casinos have very limited options for non-English folks because if you’re not proficient in English it is difficult to sustain for long while online casinos are multilingual in nature.

Similarly, land casinos have only US dollars to try out while online casinos have multiple currencies as players from all over the world are into searching for gambling websites for new options.

Playing Casino Craps for the First Time

Although it was an intimidating environment, I decided to use the percentages that I defined and discussed in the article on Craps Percentages. If I found a craps game where I could bet a minimum bet of $5 and there were 5 or so players at the table, I could expect about 40 decisions about win or lose every hour. That way, for an hour’s activity I would lose some a couple dollars on the average. I could stand that if I could learn more about the game. I figured if I lost every bet in an hour, I’d lose $200 and if I won every bet, I’d win $200. Both of those being extremely unlikely and I knew I would wind up somewhere in between.

Never having played craps before, I was nervous as I approached the table. I watched for a bit before I stepped up to the table. The game of craps is played on a bathtub looking table that is about 10 feet long and 4 feet across. The surface of the table is about 18 inches below a rim and is covered in a green felt material. On that green is printed a confusing array of numbers and squares and ovals. There are four employees working at the table, running the game and watching what is going on. They take in the money when a loser occurs and pay out the money when a winner occurs. Instead of land-based casino, the engagement of the players is increasing at Slot Online site. With a stable internet connection, different bonuses and rewards are won through the players. The watching of the tutorials at the official site will guide the players in preparation of a correct approach. 

Big stacks of chips are placed on the green felt in front of the one employee who is seated. The seated employee sort of acts like he is running the game. Two of the remaining three handle most of the confusing bets and the third employee has a stick in his hand that they use to push the dice to a player prior to the player rolling them. Three of the four employees are on the casino side of the table and the employee with the stick is on the public side.

On the green surface about 8 inches towards the center of the table from the rim are two painted strips a couple inches apart that run almost entirely around the table that sort of looks like a race track. The word “pass” is printed in the open part of the track. Most of the individual players have placed chips on that race track.

At the end of the table away from me, a man puts some $20 bills on the table and an employee takes them, counts them, and gives him a stack of chips. The man puts the chips in a groove in the top rim of the table and watches the proceedings. Suddenly, one of the employees says “seven out” and the employees drag all the chips off the table and stack them in front of the seated man. Most of the players put a new groups of chips on the race track area of the table. I continue to just watch for a few minutes and hear such things as “four – a winner pay the line” and begin to understand a little of what is going on.

I take a deep breath and dig $100 out of my billfold and lay it on the table. The employee that is on my end of the table beside the seated man spreads the twenties out and counts them a couple times and pushes a stack of red $5 chips towards me. “Do you have a players card,” he asked as I picked up the chips and put them in the groove like I’d seen done and looked like he expected me to give it to him if I did – so I did.

He handed it to the seated employee who entered something on a computer terminal beside him and flipped the card so it landing in front of me. “Good luck, Don” he said.

Then I waited until there was a flurry of activity in the removal of chips from the table and I placed a chip in front of me on the racetrack. No one paid any attention to me. The fellow with the stick pushed the dice to the a man a couple people away on my left and he threw them to the other end of the table. “Seven – a winner – pay the line” said the fellow with the stick and one of the employees put another chip on the table beside the one I had placed on the racetrack. I watched the others and most everyone picked their extra chip up and put it in the groove so I did the same thing. I was thrilled. I’d won $5.

Very quickly, the dice were returned to the fellow that had thrown a total of 7 on the dice and he threw them again. “Six – the point is six” said the man with the stick and waited for a moment while there was another flurry of players putting more chips on the table. I think they were betting that a six would show up again on the dice total before a seven but not being sure I didn’t do anything but watch. They pushed the dice back to the player to my left and he threw them. “Seven, a loser,” the fellow with the stick said and the employees scraped almost all the chips off the table and started stacking them on their side. I’d lost my $5 winnings. That’s not good.

I put out another chip. The fellow with the stick pushed the dice to the player on the left of the player that had just thrown them. That player picked them up and threw them. “Nine – the point is nine”, the fellow with the stick said. I realized that this could and did go on and on.

After winning or losing, I continued to put out a new chip or pick up the chip the casino paid me. Each time I lost the dice would be moved to the next player in a sequence that was going clockwise around the table. When they were pushed to me, I’d see it happen often enough that I picked them up and threw them to the other end of the table. They bounced around and came up a total of twelve. “Twelve – a loser” said the man and took my chip. I put another chip down, satisfied that I’d thrown the dice properly and now that I lost I could just watch and bet for a while. He pushed the dice to me, expecting me to pick them up and throw them again. I didn’t quite understand but I threw them and continued the game. Soon I realized that the dice went to the next player only when a seven was thrown and was a loser.

After a while I looked at the groove in front of me and counted my chips. I had a total of $110 in chips and was tired of standing there. I picked up my chips. “Let me color those up for you” said one of the employees on the casino side of the table. I wasn’t sure what he meant but put my chips on the table and he counted them and gave me a black chip worth $100 and two $5 chips. I’d been played about ½ and hour and had won $10.

This was easy and still a little intimidating. I decided I liked the game. Then I realized that even though I was armed with the percentages and knew that a total of four would occur 8% of the time on the initial roll and that it would repeat before a losing seven 33% of the time, I hadn’t used that knowledge at all. I had seen, however, that if a player had to throw the dice more than once to reach a decision, some players put additional chips on the table directly behind their original bet on the racetrack. When their bet was a winner, they would receive varying amounts in return dependent upon the total on the dice. I decided that I should investigate that extra payoff.

How Private home-games can be enjoyed with families and friends?

Have you tried out Betfair’s latest personalised home games? They are simply amazing and if you have not played them yet then you should immediately go for them. These games are pretty exclusive as their settings are easy and the best part is that you can now play them easily with your closest acquaintances like relatives, friends and other related ones. 

Why players enjoy private home-games of Betfair thoroughly

Recently, Betfair has come up with some of the most exclusive private home-games that have got few updated features. These features can raise your interest level and will keep you engaged throughout. You can invite your friends at your home and can play these games with them for spending the hours with a great enjoyment. You can also get mega888 download done for receiving the same level of entertainment. 

Covid19 terror is almost every part of this world right now and thus if you are looking for a stress-free option then trying out with these games will be the most obvious kind of option. Just opening a simple Betfair account can help you initiating the game. It is Betfair that will prepare the set-up in such a manner that you will automatically receive game notifications. These notifications will enable you laying the most exciting game ever. 

You can make necessary changes in your game for receiving a user-friendly experience. Some commonest format options that are available in these games are multi-table or single-table tournaments, add-ons, re-buys and many more. You have to choose the format carefully so that you can gain maximum bonuses and rewards. On the other hand, cashbacks and welcome bonuses are also very much effective and useful. 

If you are competing live then you can avail the facility of video-call as well. You have to choose the trendiest game that has got the best reviews or customer comments.

Super Bowl Odds Favor Colts

Super Bowl odds 2010 started going out after last year’s championship. Now the Super Bowl odds 2010 are about finished for the preseason, as they will be proven right or wrong starting tomorrow. Once actual play begins, the favorites will attempt to live up to the early hype, while teams under the radar try to make a run. When the 2009 season began, no one really saw the Saints as champions, so opening lines may be meaningless this year as well. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl odds 2010 are favoring last year’s title game losers to start off.

Despite winning it all last season, the Saints are only the second favorite in this year’s preseason picks. According to Las Vegas, the Colts are favored to return to the big game and win this time. Las Vegas Sports Consultants has the Colts as 13-2 favorites to do so.

Having the Super Bowl odds 2010 favor the Colts goes against recent tradition. For the last several years, the team that lost the Super Bowl has not gotten close to returning the next year, and often hasn’t even made the playoffs. But since the Colts are the NFL’s model of consistency, they are predicted to do better.

Even if the Colts get back to the top, the Super Bowl oddsmakers predict a lot of obstacles in their path. Both the Saints and Cowboys are the second favorite at 8-1, while the Chargers are the second-ranked AFC team at 17-2. Dallas is hosting the Super Bowl this year, so the Cowboys have a lot of pressure to make it, while the Chargers hope that this is when they finally get over the hump.

The Patriots used to lead the preseason odds, but in 2010 they are a quieter 9-1. Brett Favre’s return has only left the Vikings with 10-1 odds, just like his old team in Green Bay. As for the Jets, the long-awaited return of Darrelle Revis only boosted them to a 12-1 pick.

According to the Super Bowl odds 2010, the AFC playoff teams stand to be the Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Ravens, Jets and Steelers. In the NFC, the playoff field would have the Saints, Cowboys, Packers, 49ers, Vikings and Giants. But teams on the outside, like the Titans, Falcons, Eagles, Bengals, Texans and Redskins hope to sneak up on everyone, like the 2009 Saints did.

All of these predictions will ultimately mean nothing once the teams actually take the field. Since two of the highest-ranked teams in the Super Bowl odds 2010 face off tomorrow, it will be an early test of how accurate these early picks are. Hence, just like when playing poker, betting requires you to become strategic so you could easily win on this game. You have to take advantage of your opponents and you have to carefully consider all the factors to ensure that you have high chances of winning.

Free Poker Games To Play Online – Check the benefits!!

There are lots of free poker games to play online that are available these days. The easiest way to do it is to simply join any online poker rooms or sites and start with the freerolls. These “free” tournaments do not usually have a buy-in. You can join for free and choose to play for any sponsored prize pool.

In response to the ever-increasing popularity of the poker game, many websites are now seeing good opportunities out of it and are already including free online poker in their vast arsenal.

These free games help those who aspire to learn the game without having to gamble using their hard-earned money at the early stages. The selection of the best promo code for William Hill is made to get the benefit of different bonuses at the same place. Learning of the free poker game is necessary to apply the promo code to get the desired results. 

Free online poker games usually have a large number of participants with low prize pools. Most regular freerolls presented by various poker rooms often have a range of $50 to $200 with regard to prize money and can field up to 3000 players max. Playing in private tournaments can be much better; the freerolls can only be accessed by the members of the particular site.

They also have better prize pools where you can win up to $2000 even without paying your entry fee. This is what you usually get when searching for free poker games to play online.

You can easily browse them by heading to the lobby of poker software and accessing those freerolls listings. As you search through the different tournaments you will find that most are password-protected. The names of the tournaments usually give you a hint of the site you’ll have to join so you can enter.

You can also find free poker games to play online that include real money by utilizing free poker bankrolls. There are some sites with a “no deposit poker bonus” feature to make things more manageable. You can have this if you opt to join poker rooms via an affiliate link. This way you get to join for free and have an initial funding from your real money account without ever depositing the money yourself.

Take time to read the reviews of these attractive free online poker sites. They offer free poker, but it’s still important to discover which ones are better than others. You also have to check which among them are safe to play. You can also get hints from word of mouth to help you search for a good poker place.

Your friends can come handy with this. Understand the rules and regulations carefully of the poker site you wish to play with before you sit down and play. Even if you are not planning to put down real money, there are still important restrictions that you have to take note and follow.

A thousand dollar free poker money is now offered in the internet, and you can claim your free poker bankroll at different poker rooms. The numbers usually vary depending on where you live, but not all countries feature such offers. But most can have their claims of decent cash amounts and play free poker games online to win more juicy cash prizes.

How to Find the Best Online Slot Games?

There are hundreds of different kinds of online slot games available on the internet. Among all these options, you might get confused in finding your favourite game. In this regard, you need to narrow down your personal preferences first to find the best online slot game. Here are some tips to help you to do it. 

Consider Your Favourite Theme

At first, you need to decide what type of theme you want to go for regarding the slot game. For example, your preferences might be on movies or sports or anything else. Then while finding online slot games, you should consider this favourite theme of yours. 

The Betting Options

You are also supposed to consider the betting options while looking for an online slot machine game. This is often an overlooked aspect, to say the least. If you have a low budget, then you should look for such slot games that have a fairly minimum bet. On the other hand, if your budget is higher, then you have the option of choosing slot games with maximum bets. 

The Jackpot You Want To Chase

Another thing to consider about a slot game is its jackpots. Different slot machine games tend to have different kinds of jackpots. You are allowed to choose such a slot game whose jackpots seem to be most reasonable and profitable to you. 

Some slots are to have smaller jackpots, and some slots have bigger jackpots. But the associated risks are also to be smaller and higher, respectively. Hence, it is up to you as to what kind of jackpot you want to go for. 

Understand Volatility 

It is important for you to understand the volatility of slot machine games before you choose any specific one. Volatility is nothing but the chance of fluctuations of the short-term results. Once you understand the volatility, then you will be able to pick up the best judi slot online terpercaya


Best Apps to Play Online Poker With Your Friends

These days different kinds of poker applications let you play and enjoy online poker with your friends. Some of these apps are free, while some of these could be paid apps. Whether you are using iOS or Android platforms, there are suitable poker apps to go as per your convenience. Here are some of the best poker apps described below. 

Appeak Poker App

Appeak Poker is considered to be one of the best poker applications out there. This is completely free, and it has a simple interface that makes the game-play quite easy and efficient for you. The ‘play now’ option of this app lets you join the quick poker game as well as other additional options like Double-Ups, MTTS, sit gos, Bingo, etc. It has some other features like dual functionality. 

Pineapple App

Pineapple app is regarded as another excellent poker app that is free and secure. This app is there to host various poker games like different OFC game, Pineapple as well as others. This platform is completely secure, where you can enjoy playing poker with your friends. This app is best for those people who are reluctant to share personal details and information. 

Zynga Poker app

It is another best poker app to play online poker with your friends. Whether you are looking for competitive or casual online poker, you can always resort to this app to get the best poker experience. Zynga is there to offer you the chance to collect 100,000 chips every day from playing poker on their platform. 

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The Bible Game for Xbox: A Review


I’m the son of a militant Secular Humanist and a Sunni Muslim. Needless to say, I was never allowed anywhere near a Bible growing up. In fact, had it not been for The Bible Game I may never have learned the ancient wisdom found in this holiest of tomes, and I would never have experienced a short but intense romance.

Back in the winter of 2006, when I was still ignorant of the Bible, I attended a speed dating session for gamers. I was instantly smitten with a young lass I’ll call Roxanne (not anywhere near her real name). Her red hair was as beautiful as 10,000 Mediterranean sunsets, and her blue eyes were as beautiful as the Mediterranean Sea. The fact that her hair was dyed and she had colored contact lenses did nothing to diminish these comparisons.

We instantly hit it off, but there was one major problem: Roxanne loved the Bible, and I knew nothing of it. However, she said she would be happy to go out with me at one of these 먹튀사이트 if I learned its wisdom. I had read about a new Xbox game called The Bible Game, so I bought it the next morning.

I instantly knew The Bible Game was special. The game contains both game show and board game elements, and to call it spiritually enlightening would be an understatement. You get to choose from premade avatars; most are good, although the Boy Scout one rubbed me the wrong way.

The Bible Game is a good mix of trivia and mini-games. I initially struggled with the trivia, but after several dozen hours of consecutive play, I was becoming well versed in its verses. But the best part of The Bible Game is the mini-games. First of all, there is some awesome Christian music that plays during them, and it provides you with the perfect opportunity to rock out. Also, they teach you different Bible stories, like Daniel and the lions and the one with the big fish. And to top it off, they are challenging.

With my new Bible knowledge in hand, I contacted Roxanne and we had several amazing dates playing The Bible Game’s multiplayer mode. Our strong connection had finally found the strong foundation it needed in The Bible Game for Xbox. The next five weeks were the best of my life, as Roxanne and I played every day. Unfortunately, we had some chemistry problems in the bedroom and had a fully mutual breakup.

This was many years ago, but even today I play The Bible Game the second Monday of every month with Roxanne. That’s right, we remain good friends. And by the way, I converted to Unitarianism. Such is the transformative powers of The Bible Game.