"Don't let your ex-girlfriend suck the life out of you!"

Written and Directed by Jordan Galland
Produced by
Mike Landry & Carlos Velazquez
Executive Producer
Damon Giglio
Russell Terlecki
Co-Producers Marco Henry and Christopher Caroll

Original Score by
Sean Lennon
Edited by
Connor Kalista
Casting by
Eve Battaglia


Julian Marsh (Hoffman) is an out of work ladies man who lands a job directing a bizarre adaption of Hamlet. After casting his best friend (Lemche) and his ex-girlfriend (Aoki) in the show, Julian finds himself in the middle of a two thousand year old conspiracy that explains the connection between Shakespeare, the Holy Grail and some seriously sexy vampires. It turns out that the play was actually written by a master vampire named Theo Horace (Ventimiglia) and it's up to Julian to recover the Grail in order to reverse the vampire's curse... If only being undead wasn't so much God-damned fun!

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