About.com- Smart and literate…turns Shakespearean tragedy into Shakespearean comedy, capturing the bard's fondness for farce and poking fun at everyone in the process…Strong comedic performances…a quirky independent vibe…well-executed madcap fun.
Time Out NY - A loopy, antiserious lark, it should prove plenty alive on the midnight-movie circuit. The zanily creative brainchild of NYC indie-pop entrepreneur Jordan Galland… Village Voice - Lively…game performances, Sean Lennon’s atmospheric score, and writer/director Jordan Galland’s clear affection for his sources.
Variety- One sly slice of the ridiculous. .. Galland displays considerable chops in never belaboring a joke, overindulging a performer or letting the pic ramble past its welcome. Christopher LaVasseur's sharp Red camera lensing and Sean Lennon's score make notable contributions to the low-budget but expertly handled tech/design package.
Scarlett Street Forums - A delightful fun quirky comedy that will have you laughing aloud …I would recommend this low budget indie film over most of the big budget mindless CGI crazy soulless drivel out there.
Ghouls On Film- The film comments on the bloodthirsty nature of fame, the suckiness of exes and the constant modernization of the classics. But mostly it’s really fun and gooey and silly and bloody. PopMatters - A satire worthy of Shakespeare himself….Galland consistently goes for broke and ends up winning the lottery.
The Great Neck Arts Center Blog- This must-see impressed me enough to buy the t-shirt. DVDTALK- Dementendly clever….wickedly, howlingly funny, the comedy kept up at a steady clip throughout.
IMDB PRO Review - Quite possibly the best comedy I've seen in years.. (read more) Sci-FiWire- The 12 sci-fi/fantasy movies you HAVE to see in 2010.
Gothamist - Ralph Macchio [....] told us the movie’s “like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Woody Allen’s Manhattan. The NY Daily News - Why has it taken this long for someone to make a film called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead"?
Reuters - Sean Lennon scoring indie vampire movie.. As featured in Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, EW.com, BBCnews, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, The National Post & Paste Magazine Ain't It Cool News - If the title ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD wasn't cool enough, now they have a fascinating composer!